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May 11 2010 -- Write me? -- My MySpace -- C36850mment?
General/Life, Work Related, TV Tuesdays

Okay, so this post is ironically going into the TV Tuesdays category.
I just got done watching The Tyra Show, and oh my gracious.
This girl, forgot her name, not important, is trying to sell her virginity to pay her way through college. She's selling it on the Bunny Ranch to the highest bidder, or the one she connects with the most? Either way, something is wrong with this chick.

First of all, I think she's just an attention whore. I don't like her face, either.
Anyways, they brought Brooke and Air Force Amy on the show from the BR to talk about how this girl is basically trying to overthrow their business.
Brooke says why come to her stomping ground and try to sell a guy a terrible night for 3 times as much money as she can give you the night of your life for??

I agree.

I guess it all started out as some sort of study that someone did, or her and her friend did, but they're idiots! They think just because they use a different name when they're on TV and this and that that no one is going to know them. Totally wrong.
Anyways, in the middle of the show, or towards the end rather, they were talking about some of her highest bidders. And one guy, that bid $1 million, came to the show.

He's old enough to be my grandfather, and looks like my accountant! He's 59 years old, and bid on her, this 22 year old, because it's sort of a fantasy for him to have a virgin, and he's never had one before. And once she found out this guy bid on her, she was still okay with selling her virginity.

Personally, I think this bitch needs to go back to where she came from and re-evaluate her life a little bit. People are so stupid.

Anyways, just needed to rant about that. Plus work is pissing me off, so I took a little break to watch the Tyra Show and LOOK at the people I come across!! Hilarious :P
Probably going to pick up Chris soon; I really hope he came get a ride though. And I might go to school tonight, but I doubt it.
Oh! And I got a new job working for Prodigy; they sell credit/debit card machines and what not. Kinda cool :D Training for that starts tomorrow with a wedinar :)


xoxo Laynie :D