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Name: Courtney
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Age: 18
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Location: Indiana
Loves: Christopher.<3
Hates: Not having enough money.

i'm in gryffindor!

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Loving: Christopher.<3
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Working On: Making lots of money.

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March 2008 :)
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Mar 28 2008 -- Write me? -- My MySpace -- C0mment?
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So.. Categories are my new best friends =) I absolutely love them, and now I have things to blog about.
I actually feel like I got a bit accomplished today, but I really did nothing. I did laundry, which is still downstairs, I watched part of I Am Legend, went to McDonald's with my dad, aand.. That's about it. Oh and I got to drive =) That was about it for my day though, aside from sleeping until 4pm. I hate when I do that shit. It makes me feel lazier than I already am.
Which leads me to my
Question of the Day: How late do you sleep in on your days off work/school?

I don't know if anyone who reads this lives in Indiana, but it's fawking crazy!! I don't normally talk about the weather. But yesterday, I woke up, and it was raining. I was so excited! I was thinking 'Hey, maybe it will storm, or keep raining. Spring is arriving!!' Yeah right. When I was on my way out the door leaving for work, it was snowing! And it continued to snow, all evening. I was so pissed. Now, almost all of the snow is melted, and it's going to warm up, and start raining and storming for like a week straight. Yay =)

I have this new friend, he's my best friend's best friend's cousin. Yes I meant to type that twice. Anyways, snippit of our conversation as follows:

Court: muwahaha
Layne: raawr
Layne: -lick-
Court: you animal!!!
Layne: you love it ;D

Love it <3


So I'm going to start blogging about movies I watched every Friday =) I'm going to start doing lots of odd things like that O_o

So I watched some of I Am Legend today.. I didn't want to watch it before because he dies at the end and I thought that it was going to be retarded. But I get it now! So I guess like, they found this cute for cancer, because they used it on all these people and it worked on them all, but then they all turned into like these super-human things that lose all their hair, and can't go into the sun because they lost all of their pigments in their skin so they like, fry. Anyways, he's the only one left on the island. It was a really great movie, from what I watched, there was really never a dull moment. Some parts were pretty funny.
But the part that pissed me off, was when he choked his dog to death because she got bit by one of the Incredible Hulk wannabes. Like, he knew that it was going to happen so he should have just put her in a cage to fix her later, because his anecdote for the whole thing ends up working in the end, it just takes a long time. So when his dog turns, because he was holding it, he chokes it. I was so pissed. I would have been fine if he would have shot it or something, I don't know why, but it would have made me feel better. Other than putting her in a cage. I didn't watch much after that, all I know is that the cure works, but then he ends up blowing everything up. -shrugs-

/End Spoiler Alert =)

I joined some list, challenge thingys. Go check them out =)
'101 Things in 1001 Days'
'28 Books in 2008'
'150 Movies in 2008'

This should be fun =) I'm excited!!

As far as site updates go, I moved some pages around, and just added my challenges =) Oh, and more Categories for my Cutenews. I'm going to list the Categories on the sidebar too, with pages to read blogs in those categories.

That's all for now :)
Love always <3

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