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Name: Courtney
Nickname: Layne
Age: 18
Birthday: 8.6.1991
Location: Indiana
Loves: Christopher.<3
Hates: Not having enough money.

i'm in gryffindor!

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As of: May 11, 2010
4:29pm EST
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Nothing
Wearing: Jeans, dark blue tank top, hoodie
Feeling: Sexyy :D
Thinking: I don't wanna go pick up Chris ><
Wanting: To make lots of money this week
Needing: A bit of sleep
Reading: Percy Jackson & The Olympians - Book III
Watching: My computer screen.
Loving: Christopher.<3
Obsessing: Over money.
Talking To: No one
Listening To: Janet Jackson - Son of a Gun
Surfing: bang-bang :D.
Working On: Making lots of money.

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[Update] I changed most of the colors, I think the only things that are still funny may be like, textareas and what have you? But, I like the way it turned out :) Oh, and something is wrong with my comments.. I don't know if it keeps you from commenting or what, but there's ugly errors and I don't know how to fix them. Help? :) [/Update]

[Update] I got my Smorty confirmation E-Mail! Yay!! [/Update]

Blog #2 on this new site.. I really miss having TK.
Not much to talk about really.. I really need to catch up on my sleep. I've been staying up until like 8am, then waking up around 3 to go to work until usually 11. It's not really working out. And tonight, since it's almost 4:30am, I'm going skating after work, which will make me even more tired, then we have a contest at work on Thursday.. Ugh. I need sleep.

But then again I really need to work more. I get my car once I pay $400 more, which will be in 4 weeks, but then I'll still have around 2 grand to pay off, then I'm trading the car in.. I mean, I'll probably drive it around for a while longer after that, but then I'm going to trade it in once I get some more money saved up. At this point in time, I have none.

I also am thinking about going back to school, because I'm stressed about the whole home-schooling thing now that I've been in high school. But I can't go to school all day because of work, and if I don't work, I'll be screwed. And I can only to co-op for a year, which doesn't really work. So I'm trying to go to this alternative school just to brush up and learn whatever I need to learn, then fly through my SATs, because I'm know I'm capable of doing great on them, then go to college. Then that stress will be over! Woohoo.

Work sucked today. I only worked 4 hours, which was kind of a waste, but there were like no cool people to work with. All the cool people were in grill, and I was stuck presenting. I hate presenting. Passionately. It pisses me off to no end, one reason being that people can just stand around and talk, but can't help with drinks when there's 20 of them on my screen. Then when people are running for you, and stop, they don't bother to tell you. Oh well. For my last hour I was put in grill, I didn't mind that much until the closing manager told me I couldn't leave until she was done wit her stuff. That wasn't really workin' because my dad was already there to get me.

Then I got burned with boiling hot water off the grill because my friend accidently splashed a lot of it on me.. It wasn't her fault, she felt terrible. But it still hurt.

I'm starting a Smorty account :) I was really excited about it after I got my Paypal to work.. But then when I signed up, it told me to wait for my confirmation E-Mail. Okay.. Didn't get one. When I tried to request another, the page wouldn't display on their site. When I went to make a different account with my other E-Mail address, I couldn't because my Paypal information was still on the other account, which I couldn't fix, because I couldn't login to, because I didn't get my confirmation E-Mail. Alas, that sucked. Hopefully I'll get the E-Mail though, because Smorty is awesome! I love writing opinion 'articles', and I could definately use some extra cash right now.

I haven't worked on anything on the site really, so it's still ugly with ugly, unmatching colors. Sorry about that.. I'll fix it eventually. Everything else works though :) Except for forms.. Have to fix those too. At least I don't think they work.. I'll update again tomorrow night after skating :) Toodles!!

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