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i'm in gryffindor!

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oh, so o r g a n i z e d
Mar 28 2008 -- Write me? -- My MySpace -- C0mment?
General/Life, Sitely Matters, Weather, Lists Rawk, QOTD, Quotables, Friday Flicks

So.. Categories are my new best friends =) I absolutely love them, and now I have things to blog about.
I actually feel like I got a bit accomplished today, but I really did nothing. I did laundry, which is still downstairs, I watched part of I Am Legend, went to McDonald's with my dad, aand.. That's about it. Oh and I got to drive =) That was about it for my day though, aside from sleeping until 4pm. I hate when I do that shit. It makes me feel lazier than I already am.
Which leads me to my
Question of the Day: How late do you sleep in on your days off work/school?

I don't know if anyone who reads this lives in Indiana, but it's fawking crazy!! I don't normally talk about the weather. But yesterday, I woke up, and it was raining. I was so excited! I was thinking 'Hey, maybe it will storm, or keep raining. Spring is arriving!!' Yeah right. When I was on my way out the door leaving for work, it was snowing! And it continued to snow, all evening. I was so pissed. Now, almost all of the snow is melted, and it's going to warm up, and start raining and storming for like a week straight. Yay =)

I have this new friend, he's my best friend's best friend's cousin. Yes I meant to type that twice. Anyways, snippit of our conversation as follows:

Court: muwahaha
Layne: raawr
Layne: -lick-
Court: you animal!!!
Layne: you love it ;D

Love it <3


So I'm going to start blogging about movies I watched every Friday =) I'm going to start doing lots of odd things like that O_o

So I watched some of I Am Legend today.. I didn't want to watch it before because he dies at the end and I thought that it was going to be retarded. But I get it now! So I guess like, they found this cute for cancer, because they used it on all these people and it worked on them all, but then they all turned into like these super-human things that lose all their hair, and can't go into the sun because they lost all of their pigments in their skin so they like, fry. Anyways, he's the only one left on the island. It was a really great movie, from what I watched, there was really never a dull moment. Some parts were pretty funny.
But the part that pissed me off, was when he choked his dog to death because she got bit by one of the Incredible Hulk wannabes. Like, he knew that it was going to happen so he should have just put her in a cage to fix her later, because his anecdote for the whole thing ends up working in the end, it just takes a long time. So when his dog turns, because he was holding it, he chokes it. I was so pissed. I would have been fine if he would have shot it or something, I don't know why, but it would have made me feel better. Other than putting her in a cage. I didn't watch much after that, all I know is that the cure works, but then he ends up blowing everything up. -shrugs-

/End Spoiler Alert =)

I joined some list, challenge thingys. Go check them out =)
'101 Things in 1001 Days'
'28 Books in 2008'
'150 Movies in 2008'

This should be fun =) I'm excited!!

As far as site updates go, I moved some pages around, and just added my challenges =) Oh, and more Categories for my Cutenews. I'm going to list the Categories on the sidebar too, with pages to read blogs in those categories.

That's all for now :)
Love always <3

It's so .. o u t r a g e o u s !!
Mar 26 2008 -- Write me? -- My MySpace -- C0mment?
General/Life, Sitely Matters

Joe -- If I Was Your Man

[Update] I joined a contest!!
Teresa is holding a new contest over at her personal blog. Those entering have a chance at winning a lovely and uniquely designed half moon handbag by Patti. Teresa is also willing to ship the prize anywhere, so no matter where you live you can participate.

Today was another quite boring day. Actually it was kind of annoying. Let's start off with the fact that the only time people ever want to call me is during my last hour of sleep. Why? Why.. I can't stand that. Like, my last hour is hard enough, knowing that I have to get up soon-ish, without people calling and texting me every 5 seconds. Seriously. If I don't answer the first time, call again. If I don't answer that time, leave a voicemail and I'll call you back later.
Now to work.. When I got there, the store was a mess. I didn't really mind, it was just funny. Didn't take long to clean up though. I got to spend a couple hours with my bff Chris =) He's a manager, I love him!! So I had to run for drive-thru, and when we didn't have any orders, I was slacking, obviously =) And Lee was there, who is hilarious, so we were all having bunches of fun.
The annoying part was when I was getting tired of running for drive-thru, and then the closing manager wouldn't let me leave. I had requested today off anyways, but got scheduled anyways. So I had to be out of there by 7, whether they liked it or not. She said give her 2 minutes, which was really 20. My dad was sitting in the parking lot for 20 minutes waiting for me, which didn't make either of us too happy. Then come to find out, about to hours ago, she walked out!! No idea why, but she walked out. And then the overnight manager [we're 24 hours] had to go to the hospital, I guess? I don't know, but I hope she's okay =( our 1st assistant is on vacation on Vegas, he's such a vacation whore =D And no one could reach the store manager. So who knows what it will be like when I get there tomorrow night..

I wanted to go skating tonight!! I'm so mad. Not only could I not withdraw money because I didn't have at least $20, but I didn't have a ride. It so sucked.. But I'm going to find a way to go on Friday, otherwise I'm going to have some issues. I must skates!! lol

I'm getting a Unizukin!! Thanks to Afef, I saw the Unizukins on her blog, looked them up, and they're friggin' adorable! I'm going to start out with getting the Apple and Strawberry ones, then eventually get all of them =DD They're the cutest things I've ever seen. And cheap =D Yay!! I was afraid they were going to be extremely expensive for some reason..

Well, I've changed the stylesheet on here, I quite like it. I was messing with random effects and such, and this is how it turned out :) I also fixed my calendar, applied for some blog buddies [all of the ones I had before died!! crazyness..], and I'm going to join some contests, and add some pictures of me =) I'm a cam-whore

On March 29, 2008 at 8pm, we are going to do something fun!! -drum roll-

We're going to shut off all of our lights.

Crazy? It's Earth Hour all over the globe. Yes, the whole world. I've been reading about ice shelfs breaking off and our ozone layer and what not, and everytime I say something about 'we're destroying our world', I think of Kingdom Hearts. They have like 10 different worlds they can go to, it makes you wonder if we'll ever be able to do that.
Anyways, we're destroying our world, and by turning off out lights for an hour, or more if you're generous, we're reducing energy consumption. It's not a long time, but if the whole world participates, it can help a great deal.
So turn those lights off! Once again..
March 29 -- 8pm-9pm -- Turn off your lights!!

That's all for now :)
Love always <3

Like a l o l l i p o p <3
Mar 26 2008 -- Write me? -- My MySpace -- C0mment?
General/Life, Sitely Matters

Lil' Wayne -- Lollipop

[Update] I changed most of the colors, I think the only things that are still funny may be like, textareas and what have you? But, I like the way it turned out :) Oh, and something is wrong with my comments.. I don't know if it keeps you from commenting or what, but there's ugly errors and I don't know how to fix them. Help? :) [/Update]

[Update] I got my Smorty confirmation E-Mail! Yay!! [/Update]

Blog #2 on this new site.. I really miss having TK.
Not much to talk about really.. I really need to catch up on my sleep. I've been staying up until like 8am, then waking up around 3 to go to work until usually 11. It's not really working out. And tonight, since it's almost 4:30am, I'm going skating after work, which will make me even more tired, then we have a contest at work on Thursday.. Ugh. I need sleep.

But then again I really need to work more. I get my car once I pay $400 more, which will be in 4 weeks, but then I'll still have around 2 grand to pay off, then I'm trading the car in.. I mean, I'll probably drive it around for a while longer after that, but then I'm going to trade it in once I get some more money saved up. At this point in time, I have none.

I also am thinking about going back to school, because I'm stressed about the whole home-schooling thing now that I've been in high school. But I can't go to school all day because of work, and if I don't work, I'll be screwed. And I can only to co-op for a year, which doesn't really work. So I'm trying to go to this alternative school just to brush up and learn whatever I need to learn, then fly through my SATs, because I'm know I'm capable of doing great on them, then go to college. Then that stress will be over! Woohoo.

Work sucked today. I only worked 4 hours, which was kind of a waste, but there were like no cool people to work with. All the cool people were in grill, and I was stuck presenting. I hate presenting. Passionately. It pisses me off to no end, one reason being that people can just stand around and talk, but can't help with drinks when there's 20 of them on my screen. Then when people are running for you, and stop, they don't bother to tell you. Oh well. For my last hour I was put in grill, I didn't mind that much until the closing manager told me I couldn't leave until she was done wit her stuff. That wasn't really workin' because my dad was already there to get me.

Then I got burned with boiling hot water off the grill because my friend accidently splashed a lot of it on me.. It wasn't her fault, she felt terrible. But it still hurt.

I'm starting a Smorty account :) I was really excited about it after I got my Paypal to work.. But then when I signed up, it told me to wait for my confirmation E-Mail. Okay.. Didn't get one. When I tried to request another, the page wouldn't display on their site. When I went to make a different account with my other E-Mail address, I couldn't because my Paypal information was still on the other account, which I couldn't fix, because I couldn't login to, because I didn't get my confirmation E-Mail. Alas, that sucked. Hopefully I'll get the E-Mail though, because Smorty is awesome! I love writing opinion 'articles', and I could definately use some extra cash right now.

I haven't worked on anything on the site really, so it's still ugly with ugly, unmatching colors. Sorry about that.. I'll fix it eventually. Everything else works though :) Except for forms.. Have to fix those too. At least I don't think they work.. I'll update again tomorrow night after skating :) Toodles!!

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